Solar energy without subsidies

The basic activity of SOLEX group of companies is the creation of innovative, cost-effective technologies and products of solar energy, mainly solar cells and modules with bifacial sensitivity. SOLEX effectively uses the abilities of bifacial solar cells to convert solar energy falling on both sides of the element, which, in conjunction with new technologies and design solutions, allows SOLEX to create solar power plants, which in their economic performance comparable to traditional sources of electric power.


Currently SOLEX group of companies includes:
- "SOLEKS-R" LLC, dealing mainly in developing of bifacial solar modules structures and solar power plants;
- "SOLEKS-S" LLC, which develops innovative technologies in the field of manufacturing of solar photovoltaic cells, including those with bifacial sensitivity.


"SOLEKS-S" LLC and "SOLEKS-R" LLC received the status of a participant in the project for the creation and operation of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.


Grants of the Skolkovo Foundation:
Year 2013. The company "SOLEX-S" - 16,700,000 ₽;
Year 2017. The company "SOLEX-R" - 650 899 and 189 390 ₽;
Year 2018. The company "SOLEX-R" - 43 840 ₽;
Year 2019. The company "SOLEX-R" - 163 047, 18 585 and 162 634 ₽;
Year 2020. The company "SOLEX-R" - 15 750 ₽.

The project of SOLEX-R LLC on solar cogeneration plants in February 2020 was approved by the Solar Impulse Foundation, Switzerland as one of the 1000 best solutions for environmental protection.





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