Solar energy without subsidies

SOLEX group of companies is one of the few companies in the world, possessing the technology and design methods for development of solar photovoltaic cells and solar modules with bifacial sensitivity, as well as various types of solar power plants (SPP) based on them.

The companies were formed based on a large research and production enterprise in the city of Ryazan. Employees of the companies have extensive experience in the field of microelectronics and solar energy. Works in the field of solar energy have been launched in 1992. Specialists of the companies started designing and manufacturing photovoltaic solar cells and modules with bifacial sensitivity in 1995. Between 2001 and 2011 large range of products of solar energy based on photovoltaic modules with bifacial sensitivity has been developed and launched on the market: several autonomous photovoltaic lighting systems; 4 modifications of solar power systems control modules; several models of solar power plants. Products were exported to Germany, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, China, the United States and several other countries.

In 2012 "SOLEKS-S" LLC received the status of Skolkovo participant, and in May 2014 received a grant to work on the project "Development of energy-efficient technologies and equipment for application of dopants and development of small and sharp p-n junctions in the production of solar cells".

In 2014 "SOLEKS-R" LLC was admitted to the participants of the technology platform "Advanced technologies for renewable energy."

In 2017 "SOLEKS-R" LLC received the status of Skolkovo participant with the project "Low concentrated solar power plant utilizing heat generated by crystalline bifacial solar modules".





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