Solar energy without subsidies

History of the company
1978 – Department of microelectronics at the factory «Krasnoe Znamya», Ryazan (600 factory and office workers, including 400 engineers).
1992 – Creation of the Department of solar energy (19 workers). Development of the  technology of single sided PV cells and PV modules.
1995 – Technology development and design of bifacial solar cells and modules.
2000 – Creation of the specialized enterprise SOLEX (50 workers)
2005 – Start of works on creating high-efficiency solar cells using nanotechnologies.
2007 – Production capacity of bifacial modules had reached 2 MW per year.
2008 – Start of works on the creation of low-concentrated PV plants with recovery of heat generated by bifacial crystalline PV modules.
2010 – Creating of the company SOLEX-R Ltd. Development of innovative technologies and designs of BPV cells, modules and solar power plants.
2012 - "SOLEKS-S" LLC is established for the implementation of the project within the Skolkovo Foundation "Development of energy-efficient technologies and equipment for application of dopants and development of small and sharp p-n junctions in the production of solar cells."
2014 – Company "SOLEX-S" raised financing of €640 000 from Skolkovo grant (€320 000) and private investors (€320 000).
2015 – "SOLEX-S“ company manufactured samples of equipment for the operation of laser diffusion in the production of PV cells.
2016 – "SOLEX-R" company manufactured experimental model of LCPV plant with using the heat generated by bifacial crystalline PV cells.
2019 – A prototype of a cogeneration solar power plant was manufactured and tested.





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