Solar energy without subsidies

Intellectual property


1. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2406043 dated March 12, 2009 "Solar power installation with the concentrator of solar energy from the flat reflecting wafers".

2. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2426954 dated May 17, 2010 "The PV module with the system of flat mirror concentrators for controlling of PV stations position".

3. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2583317 dated Decenber 29, 2015 "Combined concentrator photovoltaic installation".

4. International application PCT/RU2016/000072 dated February 15, 2016 "Combined concentrator photovoltaic installation" has been translated into the national phase. Applications were filed with the United States Patent Office (application US20170353154A1), in the Republic of Korea (application No. 10-2018-0006366) and the European Patent Office (application EP3252944A1).




Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2444810 dated March 10, 2012. "Method of applying boron and phosphorus alloying compositions for manufacturing solar photovoltaic cells".

International application PCT/RU2014/000821 dated October 28, 2014 "Laser doping method and device for carrying out same".

International application PCT/RU2016/000447 dated July 18, 2016 "Method for applying doping compositions and device for implementing same".

A positive decision on granting a patent of the Russian Federation for an invention from February 21, 2017, under application No. 2016150187 of December 21, 2016, "Method of obtaining a nanomodified structure on a silicon surface".



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